Vastint UK acquired 8.1 hectares of land, including the former Tetley Brewery site, in Leeds South Bank in 2016.

Following the approval of outline permission for a mixed-use development on the site in December 2018, the area is set to extend the city centre as part of the redevelopment of the South Bank area.

The site is located in the heart of an area of major regeneration, close to the city's retail and financial quarters, Leeds station, the River Aire waterfront, and the vibrant Calls area. The plans for the site include 850 new homes, offices, shops, a hotel and a new city park.

The new city park will serve as the heart of the new community, split into five sections across two hectares. The reserved matters application for the park was recently approved along with those for the Crown Hotel and MU3A, two buildings which will include offices on the upper floors and flexible commercial spaces on the ground floors.

Approved Phasing Plan
(Above: Approved Phasing Plan)

Working in consultation with Leeds City Council's Planning Department and other stakeholders, Vastint UK is bringing forward a reserved matters application for parcel MU4, the next phase of Aire Park.

MU4 is proposed as a seven-storey building comprising six floors of office space, with flexible commercial uses on the ground floor, such as retail, cafés and restaurants. There is ample open space and landscaping around the building, and the active ground floor uses will contribute towards creating an attractive building frontage.

MU4 Plan
(Above: MU4 Plan)

The building is proposed as a mixed-use office building located on a corner plot which fronts the northern entrance to the site and its major public and event spaces. There are numerous examples of corner plots in the vicinity of the site and the layout of the building has been designed accordingly to make best use of the available land and to respond to the context of the site.

Suitable materials have been selected to achieve a contemporary design that respects the heritage assets within the area, but also to ensure that the building is future proof and meets sustainability objectives.

The height of the building is in accordance with the outline parameter plans and the overall design incorporates the principles set out within the approved Design Strategy for the wider site. As part of the outline application a Design and Access Statement, Design Strategy, Heritage Statement and a Townscape and Visual Impact Assessment were submitted. The layout and scale of the building responds to the design considerations within all of these reports to achieve a high-quality design.

CGI Visual 1
(Above: CGI Visual 1)
CGI Visual 2
(Above: CGI Visual 2)

Numerous technical reports which fully assess the site have been prepared as part of the outline application. The proposed reserved matters application for MU4 builds upon this technical evidence base and sets out the proposed design in more detail. Some of the key considerations are set out below.


A full assessment of the local and strategic road network was undertaken as part of the outline application for the site. Both the assessment and the proposals were found to be acceptable. As part of the reserved matters application cycle parking and changing facilities will be provided to encourage people to cycle to work as a sustainable mode of transport.


A new city park is to be provided adjacent to the site and will function as an attractive area for people to meet and as a place for recreation and relaxation.

Wind & Structural Considerations

A site wide wind assessment has been undertaken as part of the outline application, and a further more specific wind assessment will be provided as part of the reserved matters submission for Building MU4. The surveys undertaken to date have informed the design of the building to ensure the layout and design features are safe.


A site wide ecological survey was undertaken for the outline application and the site was found to be of negligible ecological value, having been dominated by brownfield land and highly modified habitats. A Bat Roosting and Bird

Nesting Strategy will be provided prior to starting works on site to provide suitable nesting habitats and opportunities to achieve ecological enhancement.

Other Considerations

A number of other site wide conditions have been discharged and seek to control and mitigate the impact of the development, including in relation to matters such as archaeology and contamination. These issues have been addressed separately to the current reserved matters that is proposed.

Other conditions control the construction hours of the site and ensure numerous measures are in place to minimise disruption during construction activities that will take place if permission is granted.

Have Your Say

The Public Consultation for MU4 has now ended and all feedback and comments are being reviewed ahead of the planning application. All updates will be shared on this website in the What’s On section and via Newsletter.

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