Aire Park’s Immersive Experience at Light Night 2019

If you visited the former Tetley Brewery site at the beginning of October this year you would have seen the first glimpse of an exciting new destination in an immersive light installation – part of Leeds’ 15th annual Light Night.

Flooding the Hunslet Stray with light, pictures of Leeds’ past, and a vision of the future, ‘Pleasance’ by Novak tells the story of Leeds South Bank and the former Brewery site. From meadowland, to a busy industrial estate, to a derelict and under-utilised site. Now to become a new park, complete with over 500 new trees, wild planting and, a home for companies of all sizes and thousands of residents – our very own Aire Park.

The family-friendly installation gave thousands of visitors the chance to experience what will be a reality in just a few years. It also celebrated the amazing history of the South Bank creatively nodding to the hundreds of businesses that were once located here, including the textile industry and of course the breweries! We’re hoping that Aire Park will once again be home ‘to a thousand trades’ as it once was.

Don’t worry if you missed it live, we’ve captured some of the best bits in film – or nip to Instagram @AirePark to see the event immortalised in pictures.