Emergence at Aire Park, this Light Night Leeds

Aire Park is once again participating in this year’s Light Night Leeds, hosting an installation set to illuminate the crucial role culture and art will play in the site’s future.

Following the success of Affinity last year, Aire Park is again sponsoring the South Bank zone of the UK’s largest annual arts and light festival and includes the dramatic installation entitled Emergence at The Tetley.

Created by artistic partnership and co-founders of This is Loop, Harriet Lumby and Alan Hayes, the installation features 75 large mirror nodes, arranged in a 30ft diameter cylindrical pavilion style structure which visitors can walk in, around and through, or view from a distance. At 11ft high Emergence has been described as a “sanctum for the dynamic interplay between order and chaos”.

The team at This is Loop carefully construct each section of the structure to create an optical illusion inside the unit, emitting a complete sphere of light when viewed from close by or a giant grid of light when viewed from a short distance. This enables three distinct experiences for the viewer which range from collective to intimate, depending on the location.

As well as a mesmerising and highly complex array of light patterns, Emergence’s illusions have also been choreographed to an accompanying soundtrack by all-female drone choir and otherworldly electric chorus NYX, creating an audio-visual experience like nothing else.

See Emergence at The Tetley between 18:30 and 22:30 on Thursday 12th and Friday 13th October. You might even catch a glimpse of special walk about performances by spectacular 8ft tall glowbots and illuminated pixel heads.